Saturday, December 28, 2013

How Spiritual Light Is Affecting You

A massive amount of spiritual light from the higher dimensions is now pouring into the world in wave after wave. It is sparking humanity’s long-awaited spiritual awakening.

What is this spiritual light?

As you know, physical light provides illumination, whether it comes from the sun, fire, light bulb, or any other physical source. Like physical light, spiritual light also provides illumination but in the form of consciousness, awareness, knowledge, or enlightenment. 

Normally, you cannot see spiritual light, nor can you measure it. However, like gravity, electricity, and magnetism, you can feel it and observe it effects.

Although you cannot see spiritual light with your physical eyes, people who have had a near-death experience often describe a light they saw during their experience. And earth-bound souls clinging to the physical world after death can look for a light we cannot see and go into it. In my journeys to the other side of the veil during meditation, I have often observed beings and plant life glowing radiantly from light within.

What happens when the sun rises each morning? What happens when you walk into a dark room and turn on a lamp? Obviously, the darkness disappears. In like fashion, spiritual light replaces the darkness of fear, ignorance, and greed we have been living in throughout human history. It banishes the darkness that has caused us so much suffering.

How is this light affecting us?

We have always been beings of light, but here in the low-vibrating physical world, our light has become very dim, like lanterns covered with soot and smoke. We have been trapped in the illusion of physicality, believing it and our physical bodies to be real. We have forgotten that we are beings of light.

As the spiritual light continues to flow into the world and into us, it is helping us to remember what we really are. It is washing away the illusions of physicality and our erroneous belief that we are physical bodies. It is healing and transforming us. It is changing our cellular structure and activating our dormant DNA. As the inflow continues, our physical bodies are able to hold more and more light and thus are gradually transforming into light bodies.

The light is also affecting us emotionally and mentally. We are letting go of negative emotions that have kept us trapped in duality and separation throughout history. We are releasing our feelings of victimization and replacing them with an understanding that we create our reality. We are beginning to experience more love and joy in life. Our intuitive and creative abilities are awakening. We are experiencing more and more synchronistic events and epiphanies in our lives. It is becoming easier for us to remember why we came here.

Have you noticed these affects of spiritual light? Have you been feeling them? I have been feeling a state of gentle bliss, optimism, and serenity. The spiritual light has been helping me clarify my life purpose and sense of spiritual direction.

To be sure, the inflow of light may have been causing you stress, anxiety, discomfort, and confusion, if you don’t know what’s going on. Perhaps your nighttime dreams have become more intense or even upsetting. Maybe you are experiencing a sense of chronic urgency and feeling there is never enough time to do the things you need to do

If this is so, then you need to know these negative feelings are caused by your resistance to the global shift in consciousness being sparked by the inflow of spiritual light. Apparently, you still believe this physical illusion is real, and you are clinging to it, reluctant to awaken from the dream.

What should we do now?

Spirit has been trying to speak to us for a long time, but we have not been able to hear because we have been cloaked in the veil of physicality, our limiting beliefs, and the ego’s stranglehold. Our level of vibration has been too slow for the frequencies of Spirit to get through.

Fortunately, the spiritual light now flowing into the world and into you will lift the veil that separates you from Spirit. It will allow you to establish a working relationship with Spirit.

But this cannot happen until you choose for it to happen. It cannot happen until you are ready to change your long-held beliefs and commit yourself to your own spiritual awakening. ❖

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  1. Hi Roy, This topic is very well discussed here. If I were new to Spiritual concepts or thoughts.... I could understand what your saying. That is the mark of a well written piece. I hope this blog reaches out to many as I believe we are all the better for having read it. Lucky

  2. Choices...wise be it.