Sunday, December 29, 2013

How to Bring More Spiritual Light into the World

Violence, hatred, conflict, greed, and exploitation have characterized human history. But, at long last, wave after wave of spiritual light is pouring into our physical world from the spirit realms.

As a result, our experience here in the physical world is beginning to change. Of course, the privileged elite is frightened by humanity’s transition into an Age of Light and would like to prevent it from happening. 

But as more and more spiritual light flows into the earth, our transformation is inevitable — and is accelerating. The veil of separation that we have been trapped in throughout history is lifting. Many people are waking up and remembering what we really are. Many are discovering that physicality is just an illusion. Our belief in separation from each other and from Spirit is diminishing. The earth’s vibration — and our own — is speeding up, in preparation for the ascension out of this 3rd dimensional vibration and into the light-filled 5th dimension.

How you can accelerate this process

Are you doing anything right now, or planning to do anything, to bring more spiritual light into the world? What can you do to contribute to humanity’s spiritual awakening?

Let me offer some simple suggestions. No doubt you will think of many others. 

First, I would like to suggest that you avoid television news, soap operas, and violent movies. Ignore politics and the empty promises of self-serving politicians. Ignore the dire predictions of economic gloom and doom. Avoid the tendency to be pessimistic. Pay no attention to conspiracy theories and those who advocate them. Dwelling in all such negativity only serves to lower your vibration and the vibration of everyone around you.

Now maybe you think you need to be informed, but in fact, you are being manipulated and controlled by the forces of darkness who want to keep you fearful, enslaved, and obedient. Remember: you attract into your life more of whatever you focus on. You can let the nonsense rage around you, if it must. But you don’t have to be drawn into it or let it affect you in any way.

By contrast, here are a few things I would encourage you to do: Release your attachment to having things remain the same. Envision yourself surrounded by light that penetrates you and then radiates back out to the world. In meditation, contemplation, and visualization, send healing energy to places in the world that seem to be troubled or beset by ecological disaster. Reduce or eliminate your consumption of meat. Become less materialistic. Avoid alcohol which anesthetizes the spirit within you that you are trying to awaken. Participate in spiritual groups like Spirit Quest, which will accelerate your spiritual growth. Become a lightworker or planetary healer. Become dedicated to spiritual practices like meditation.

There’s more. Ask yourself the following kinds of questions: How can I become more loving and gentle? How can I discover and follow my life purpose? How can I share my spiritual knowledge and skills with the rest of the world? And in what ways can I contribute to the global spiritual awakening?

How you will benefit from doing this

As you draw more spiritual light into you through your intention to do so, your life experience will begin to change in every way. Your level of vibration and consciousness will rise. You will discover your true identify and your unlimited potential. Your transformation from a physical body into a light body will accelerate. You will find your life purpose and be able to devote yourself to it with passion.

As the spiritual light within you radiates back out from you, it will affect people around you. Their level of consciousness will also rise. This will feel uplifting to them, and they will be drawn to you.

You will remember that you are the creator of your life experience and a co-creator of the kind of world you live in. You have spent most of your eternal existence in the spirit realms. You will now remember the qualities of the spirit realms and will be able to manifest these same qualities here in the physical world. In effect, you will be helping to co-create heaven-on-earth. ❖

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  1. Roy that was very well said. I enjoyed the continuity, the flow of what you have to say. Thank You Lucky

  2. at the point when basically getting a charge out of some hush, send light all through your physical being. Sit back or rests and envision the light moving through every appendage of your body, one by one gathering up all negative sentiments and blockages, and supplanting it with an otherworldly power. This supports with evacuating negative sensations, as well as can help in mending and wellbeing advancement. thank you.
    Meditation on Inner Celestial Light and Sound