Monday, September 17, 2012

Curing Disease with Energetic and Spiritual Healing

We believe we are physical bodies. As physical bodies, we expect to grow old, become sick, and eventually die. In addition, we believe that disease originates in our physical bodies.

As it turns out, not one of these beliefs is true. We are, in fact, spiritual beings, not physical bodies. Our physical bodies are merely an illusion we have created for the sake of experiencing this physical world. Since our physical bodies are an illusion, then aging, sickness, and death must also be illusions.

Many people will find these ideas hard to believe or even outrageous. I’m no exception. The onset of any illness alarms me. The pain I experience seems real. Invariably, I run to a medical doctor, convinced I might be suffering from cancer or some other catastrophic disease. Like most people, I am certain that something has gone awry in my physical body. My condition requires “modern” medical treatment. Most often, the treatment I receive consists of pharmaceuticals or surgery.

This treatment may alleviate my symptoms. It may seem to offer a cure. But the truth is: it only "works" because I believe it works. As such, all the pills I take are really just placebos. Like the magic which magicians perform on stage, the treatment I receive provides the illusion of a cure, and it appears real. In fact, it typically ignores the underlying cause of all disease. Yet what alternative do I have but to continue to believe in this kind of magic?

Recently, I underwent surgery to remove my thyroid gland. A goiter had appeared on my neck, and nodules were discovered in this gland which produces hormones to regulate the body’s metabolism. My thyroid gland had become incurably sick and had to be removed. Fortunately, the pathology report I received following the surgery affirmed that the nodules had not yet become cancerous. But this whole experience awoke in me an interest in energetic and spiritual forms of healing.

The terms energy healing and spiritual healing are often used interchangeably, and as healing practices, they do seem to overlap. But they are not synonymous.

Energy Healing

Energy healing consists of numerous well-respected healing techniques that focus on the energy field surrounding and penetrating each of us. This energy field is normally referred to as our life-force, chi, ki, or prana. Some examples of energy healing include reiki, chi gong, acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu, and cranio-sacral therapy. Energy healing seeks to clear our aura and chakras. It seeks to eliminate blockages in our energy field. These blockages prevent life-sustaining energy from flowing into us, leading to aging, sickness, and death.

Soon after my thyroid surgery, I began to investigate energetic and spiritual healing as an alternative or complement to conventional medical practices. From this investigation, I learned that all of my chakras were open and functioning well -- with two important exceptions: my throat chakra and my heart chakra. Both of these chakras had long been closed. A closed throat chakra -- associated with my thyroid gland -- blocked my ability to clearly and openly communicate my thoughts and feelings. This led to my thyroid problems. A closed heart chakra blocked my ability to express love and forgiveness. This discovery concerning my throat and heart chakras sparked in me a new-found interest in chakra healing as a form of energy healing.

Spiritual Healing

In contrast to energy healing, spiritual healing places little or no emphasis on the proper placement and movement of the healer’s hands or other such techniques. Rather, it looks beyond disease in the body and instead focuses on the mind where disease originates. Fear, guilt, stress, anger, resentment, and other negative emotions send biochemicals throughout the physical body, leading to diseases such as cancer. To deal with these negative emotions, spiritual healing relies on spiritual practices such as meditation and contemplation. It also relies on spiritual studies which help to correct our erroneous beliefs and which encourage our spiritual evolution. As we evolve spiritually, our disease-ridden physical bodies are being transformed into light bodies which are immune to all forms of pain and suffering. 

A Course in Miracles is one such spiritual study that provides an extraordinary explanation of spiritual healing. Indeed, the Course has a great deal to say about sickness and healing. For example, it says we feel guilty because we believe we separated ourselves from God eons ago in an act referred to as “the fall of man.” We think we “sinned” against God by separating ourselves from Him. Overwhelmed by fear and guilt, we expect God to punish us. So we unconsciously seek to punish ourselves before God has a chance to do so. One way we do this is by inflicting illness on ourselves.

The ego benefits enormously from our continued belief in the illusion of separation and sickness. The ego -- which can be defined as the separate “me” that I think I am -- uses our deep-seated fear of sickness and death to ensure that we continue to believe we are physical bodies, separate from God and each other, weak, limited, and vulnerable. This belief allows the ego to maintain its stranglehold on us.

The ego wants us to remain spiritually asleep so that we don’t discover the truth about ourselves and our true relationship with God. The truth is: We have never really been separate from God or each other. We never really left Heaven. All along, we have been dreaming we are physical bodies, pursuing our separate adventures here in the physical world. The conviction that we are physical bodies and that our physical bodies are real has led us to believe that physical sickness is likewise real. 

A Wake-Up Call

People sometimes speak of a serious illness as a “wake-up” call. My thyroid problem is only the most recent of my wake-up calls. But why should we continue to wait until we become seriously ill before waking up to the truth? We can begin to heal our minds before another serious illness appears in our bodies. We can change our beliefs about what we really are -- eternal spiritual beings and not physical bodies. We can awaken from the spiritual amnesia we have been trapped in for such a long time. We can do this in an instant, if we so choose. And when we awaken, we will discover that we can experience perfect health for the duration of our sojourn here in the physical world.


  1. Does spiritual health equate to physical health? It makes sense that spiritually healthy people would make healthy physical choices and practice healthy lifestyles. Clearly, spiritual health is the priority.

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