Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why Are We Here in Earth School?

Have you ever asked yourself: Why am I here? Why did I choose to return to earth school once again?
Here’s an answer that resonates with me: We come to earth school to have physical experiences, and from these experiences we learn valuable lessons that enable us to evolve spiritually. That -- in a single sentence -- explains why we come here.
However, earth school does not consist only of study and work. We also come here to enjoy the intensity and sensuality of the physical world. But when we come here, we deliberately choose to forget what we really are, to make the experience seem real. We even choose to forget why we come here.
We do not come to earth school by accident. We could remain in Heaven if we wanted to, but we choose to come here instead. There may be a waiting list of souls in Heaven, applying to come to earth school because the experience here is so exciting.
Before we come, we know that earth school will be difficult, frustrating and stressful. But we are confident that we can handle it because we have carefully planned and prepared for it. We have established the curriculum we will follow -- or disregard -- when we get here. We have identified the teachers we will meet up with. We have even selected our parents, where we will live, and the bodies we will inhabit while here. We have carefully preplanned everything to maximize our learning experience in earth school.
I certainly have learned incredible things here in earth school. The last 20 years have been especially rewarding, because during this time, I have undergone phenomenal personal change and spiritual growth. This physical world is a beautiful place, but I am no longer enamored with its illusions nor am I trapped in them.
One very important thing I have learned here in earth school is this: I am not the victim of other people, life’s circumstances, or God’s whims. Instead, I am the creator of my reality. I create every experience I have in life with my thoughts and beliefs. Indeed, I think we all come to earth school to learn how to be better creators.
We think of ourselves as individuals in earth school because we inhabit physical bodies that seem to separate us from each other. Despite this convincing illusion of separation, however, the fact remains: we are here together in earth school and the behavior of any one of us easily affects the rest of us. Cruelty and outbursts of temper can affect millions of others. If we are to achieve Heaven on earth, we must do so collectively.
We learn together and play together in earth school.
Our daily experiences in earth school mostly occur in the context of encounters and relationships with others. Before we are born, we agree to share our experiences here with other souls who will come to earth school about the same time as we do. During our lifetime, we meet up with them. Many of them become our best friends -- and our worst enemies. We learn together and play together.  We often throw sand at each other on the playground.
Sometimes we feel lonely in earth school. But we are never really alone. Our spirit guides accompany us throughout our stay here, whether we are aware of their presence or not. One of their primary jobs is to guide us toward the kinds of experiences we need in order to grow spiritually. While here, we often meet up with enlightened teachers. Many of us have found that Dr. David R. Hawkins is such a teacher. We have many great textbooks available to us, such A Course in Miracles. We have many electives to choose from, such as meditation, yoga and even religion, along with many other electives. And valuable tools such as the Internet are available to us here in earth school to facilitate our learning.
Your classroom can be located anywhere in earth school. Mine happens to be located in Panama. Why Panama? Could I not have learned my life lessons just as easily in Pennsylvania? I thought I came to Panama courtesy of the U.S. Army in 1990, but in retrospect, I can see that I really came here because it is a better place to learn my life lessons. For that same reason, I have been here ever since.
I came to Panama for the very same reason that we choose to incarnate into this physical world: it is simply a better place to learn our life lessons. I could have stayed in Heaven where everything is easy, just as I could have stayed in Pennsylvania. But in earth school I face challenges that don’t exist in Heaven -- and endless learning opportunities. By coming here, I am able to accelerate my spiritual growth.
It is essential to know why we come here. Otherwise, we may waste yet another lifetime in pursuit of illusions. We may fail to achieve our spiritual goals. We may fail in earth school altogether, perhaps leading to spiritual stagnation, chronic depression, alcoholism and even suicide.
But if we fail to achieve our learning goals in this lifetime, we can return to earth school whenever and as often as we want. I imagine we could hardly cram all of our learning goals into a single lifetime. Each lifetime in earth school is just a brief “flash in the pan” for us as eternal spiritual beings.
Through reincarnation, we can return repeatedly to learn things we failed to learn in previous lifetimes. We can return over and over until we have mastered every learning goal available to us in earth school. Once we have achieved mastery, we can graduate from earth school and move on to other places and other experiences in our never-ending quest for spiritual growth. We no longer need to return, but we can return if we choose to do so in order to help others who are still struggling with their spiritual lessons here.
Our time in earth school ends almost before we know it with the death of the physical body. We then discard all the trophies we collected while here, our bank accounts and investments, relationships, memberships, homes, jobs and an endless array of other things that once seemed so important to us. We even discard our physical bodies, all the health and nutrition and physical education classes we have taken here notwithstanding.
What we do get take with us when it’s time to leave earth school are the lessons we have learned and the often-poignant memories of our experiences here. These are the things that are truly important. These are the things by which we will know whether or not our experience in earth school was successful.


  1. Hi Roy, I hope the New Year holds a few pleasant surprises for you. I am sure it does.

    Speaking of earth school. A few times in meditation I found myself involved in "Spirit" school. An activity on a different level, it was a classroom type setting with an instructor, questions and answers. Boy I wish I could link better with that memory. Thanks for reviving that experience for me. But my point is that at the very least there are some similar events occurring on other levels too.

    I see you as as a "black hole" of sorts ....really absorbing a lot of new information at this time....Once that flow starts it can really occupy your thoughts. I am glad to see how much you enjoy this experience. Take care, looking forward to being there in Panama.


  2. Hey Roy!

    Thanks for taking the time to share this with everyone. You have summed up everything that my guides have been telling me from day one. I believe every word of what your saying. Whats ironic, is for the last couple weeks I keep asking myself why I ever decided to return to Earth. I am only 21 years old, but I have always known I was a very old soul. Your post really helps me to understand that I am evolving spiritually everyday and perhaps I came back to help others, myself or both. Either way, we chose to be here, so we should enjoy every moment of it. It's amazing to me the difficulties that people know they are going to come across, yet still decide to return, because of love. Everything happens because of love.

    1. Everything DOES happen because of Love!!!
      Just love...EVERYTHING!! All the time.

    2. You have said it all!! Love is All.

  3. Dear Mr. Roy Namaste

    First of all let me thank you for your New Year wishes and for sending the gift of this News letter.May this New Year bring to you many more experiences which would help you, not only in your spiritual assent but also enlightenment.I totally agree with what Adraianne has said above.This blog has helped me to understand you better.I am glad to know that the idealogy of Sahaj Yoga is not different than yours. Yes, there is no doubt we all have come here for the same purpose, which many of us conveniently forget. Waiting for Miriam.See you soon.

  4. I seem to be failing earth school miserably at this stage.

    1. Your interest in this type of self-improvement article and taking time to reflect on it and assess your progress and to respond, all point to the fact that you are trying to evolve - which is what school is all about: effort. Just because the lessons may be difficult, doesn't mean you're not putting in the effort. Seems that way to me, anyway. :)

  5. Before having read this I could have written this article myself. This is the same understanding about human life that I have.

    Thank You.

  6. You offer just another perspective man. Reality is subjective. Peace.

  7. I'm trying hard to understand and accept the concept of soul growth after having been severely affected by a bereavement. I'd really like to believe in it. I think would be more understandable in the context of the 'average' person who suffers life's ups and downs and arrives in the afterlife somewhat probably relieved but ok and happy to be with their relatives after learning a lot. The main thing I'm struggling with is that the level of suffering that some people go through is unbelievable - things like victims of sadism, starvation, concentration camps, severe emotional and physical abuse, mental illness such as schizophrenia, extreme pain, etc. How could anyone /volunteer/ to live lives like that? It all seems too random for that, including which country you happen to be born in in a particular phase of history. If that's how things work then it seems unbearably cruel for some.

    1. I totally get what you are talking about. I have been trying to understand how or what I am supposed to learn from some the problems I have that make my life fairly miserable. More importantly, like you said, what about the people undergoing extreme suffering? What could they possibly learn from that kind of suffering? I do not have the answer but will continue to research this. I hope someone could shed some light on this. Thanks.

  8. Those who have ears,Hear what the spirit is saying,The hour is now for humanity to seek the meaning and not discription of their existance on earth,for only in so doin can we gain knoledge, and victory over the invinsible foe that has currupted our world,and find the lasting peace our soul has long for sin eden, beautiful presentation roy

  9. Thank you very much Roy.Now I am not sure on how to meditate,but I am going to learn about soon.

  10. Hi Everyone! I love the blog post on this page, it really clicked for me and makes a lot of sense. Thank you Roy.

    ...I have been wondering, and I can't find anyone or anything to answer this... WHY do we even want to spiritually grow? What is the reason for spiritual growth?

    If we chose to come here from heaven, wouldn't we already be complete in terms of spiritual growth. Isn't the concept of spiritual growth just an illusion of the manifestation of being human? I have heard a lot of people tell me that the point of this life is spiritual growth, and I've also felt like I have grown from experiences. Is there a need to spiritually grow in heaven?

    I'm sorry if I'm not expressing this well, I hope I made some sense. Thank you! Any input is welcome:)
    Much Love :)

    1. There is a chain of ascendance that leads through many realms of existence.

      We come to this realm from "heaven" - or the next dimension - because we have lost the ability to ascend from the next to the one after that.

      We are bathed in light in the next realm and have created this realm to experience the problems inherent in this world (darkness).

      Another way to look at it is: we are being refined and sharpened, gaining the experience needed to understand the balance of light and dark - good and bad.

      This experience will allow us to continue our path of ascension.

  11. Hi everyone its scary to know that we're here and knot here I'm bloged on so many things I didn't know god son and the holy spirit's is one person and some thinks its three the illusion is some serious shit and its so many questions knot even the smartest person in this world could anserw it I asked how the earth looked before the big bang there was never a big bang I ask what's beyond this galexy no one knows were some where else sleep in and our souls or inner body is floteng

  12. I look back now at how my life has developed into what i am is unmistakable that until i opened my mind enough to say the words, "I am god", the lessons that i was meant to learn were being shown to me over and over again in what id describe as an ongoing, rather stagnated, cycle of awareness courses.i understand now i was never going to get anywhere until i learned what i was meant to a after another i increasingly bagan to notice certain knowledges in my possession or in my view, and i became highly interested...immediately things..past, present, future..., blended to form a compilation of many different concepts and views, elements and forms, that were nolonger different any more......but moreso they were connected ....connected in a way like how both the scapel that a doctor might use to disect is related to the engineers socket rench;tools used for a specific purpose in ones field of was truly an awakening that has remarkably transformed my thinking and the way in which i choose to explore my creations!!! Universe in all i am

  13. This post is a refreshing breath of air compared to what I feel like is fear-based psychology in some of the sacred ancient texts like the Bible - it talks a lot about fear in there and how we disobeyed and need Obedience.

    I much Prefer to believe that I chose to be here. And that spirit supports me here. Instead of thinking that I have somehow been relegated here because I've been misbehaving and I'm a bad child. I hate that feeling that the Bible gives me that tells me to shape up or ship out.

    even the Bhagavad Gita tells me that I disobeyed God. But what if, instead I think about it as "I was such a good soul that I chose to come here to learn additional lessons? " I simply can't stomach anymore the fear-based mindset that I've done things wrong and I'm here to suffer in a prison cell. I have to think positive loving thoughts - that it was a joint decision between God and I for me to come here because perhaps I am very loved and I want to learn more lessons. Perhaps some very special and that's the reason I'm here. Instead of just being a bad boy. Oh how I hate the feeling / belief that I've done something wrong and ended up here.

    1. All your perhaps are fact. Just think for you. And do what makes you happy

  14. I want to add something else. Spirit has repeatedly told me, "You chose this, all of this, every last bit of it, to learn lessons." Spirit has also shown me the act of creating Creation - and has called it, "my Divine Play."

    For me, the fact that I actually chose this, and that I'm not a victim, is so bizarre to my mind that I don't know what to do with it. I've lost the desire to blame others for anything yet I'm waiting for the elation that comes with being the master of my destiny.

    One day at a time... I keep telling myself...

  15. Thank you so much Roy! This is the best article I have ever read on this subject. I am definitely saving this. Take care.