Thursday, November 7, 2013

How to Establish a Working Relationship with Your Spirit Guide

Why You May Find It Difficult to Relate to Your Guide

Not long ago, a dear friend told me she was having difficulty communicating with her spirit guide. To be sure, she could visualize him. He appeared to her in the form of an American Indian. But each time she tried to talk to him, he would remain aloof with his arms crossed, gazing off into the distance. His unresponsiveness baffled her, because she wanted to establish a close relationship with him.

At her request, I discussed this situation with Max, my own primary spirit guide. At first, Max told me it was none of my business. But when I persisted, he became more forthcoming.

Here is what he said: Before she incarnated, my friend told her guide that she wanted “to go it more on her own” in this lifetime. She wanted to experience a lifetime with minimal involvement or interference by her guide. For that reason, her guide was now responding to her in an “aloof” manner.

At the same time, Max suggested other reasons why people might find themselves in “distant” relationships with their guides. He said such relationships can be symptomatic of the difficulties we have in bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual realities. As spirit entities, our guides vibrate at a much higher frequency than we do in our dense physical bodies. Fear or impatience on our part can block or hinder the connection. And society has taught us not to believe in “this kind of stuff.”

But Max assured me of two very important things: First, it is always possible to establish a relationship with our guides. Second, we can alter the kind of relationship we currently have with our guides, if we wish.

You Are Not Alone

Each of us is accompanied by at least one spirit guide throughout our lives here on earth. Our guides agree to accompany us when we — still in spirit — are in the process of pre-planning an upcoming incarnation. After we incarnate, they assist us in our spiritual evolution, which of course is the main reason we come here. To assist us, they bring certain people and experiences into our earthly lives.

Guides typically have lived numerous times themselves here in the physical world. They may have evolved to a point where they no longer need to incarnate. In any case, their own experiences here in the physical world qualify them to work with us while we are here.

Guides are just as interested in establishing a working relationship with you as you are with them. Like you, they are on a never-ending journey of spiritual evolution. The work they do with you not only gives them enormous pleasure; it also contributes to their spiritual evolution.

You may not be able to see or hear your guide or even sense your guide’s presence. But an image of your guide may pop into your mind if you are at all visual. Your guide may take on a form he knows you will be comfortable with, or you may perceive him in a form you can relate to. When I first met my guide in 2010, he reminded me of the Swedish actor Max von Sydow, who played the role of the tracker in the movie What Dreams May Come. For that reason, I began to call him Max. He seemed to be content with this name.

Use Creative Visualization to Meet Your Guide

Establishing a working relationship with your guide isn’t complicated, and you don’t have to achieve a high level of spiritual evolution before you can begin to do it. All you need to do is invite your guide into your awareness. Such an invitation is necessary because — except in cases of emergency — your guide is unlikely to intervene in your life in a way that you are conscious of. To do so without your invitation would be a violation your freewill.

For years, I sat quietly in traditional meditation, waiting for my guide to come to me. But he never showed up. Finally in 2010, I went “out there” looking for him while practicing the spiritual technique of creative visualization that I had just learned about — and I met him on my very first try. Very simply, I set the stage for an encounter with my guide in a beautiful garden. Then I invited him to join me there. He did so at once. This same technique has been working for me ever since.

For me, creative visualization has been a very simple but effective technique for maintaining a working relationship with Max and other spirit entities I have met on the other side of the veil. It works like guided meditation, except that instead of being guided by someone else, I am guiding the meditation myself. Max or other spirit entities appear instantly when I do this. I sit or stroll with them, and we chat like dear friends.

You can use this same technique yourself. When your guide shows up, you can ask him or her all kinds of questions. You can ask for guidance. You can ask about your life purpose. You can even ask your guide to explain why you are facing certain challenges in life. But, of course, don’t expect your guide to foretell your future — or give you the winning lottery numbers. Your future is being created by the decisions and choices you make as you go along. Remember: guides seldom tell you what to do. Rather, they make suggestions for you to consider. 

When it's time for you to return to the physical world at the end of an encounter with your guide, be sure to thank your guide. As soon as your awareness re-focuses here in the physical world, write down everything you can remember about the encounter before forgetting it. As we pass back through the veil separating the physical and spiritual realities, we tend to forget much of what we discussed with our guides, just as we forget most of our nighttime dreams when we pass back through the same veil upon awakening each morning.

A Call to Action
Go ahead! Establish a working relationship with your spirit guide. Use creative visualization to do so. Doing this will benefit you immensely as you struggle through life here in the physical world. You will learn amazing things. I know I have. In this blog, I have often written about my encounters with Max and other spirit entities and what I have learned during these encounters. 

Perhaps you are trying to initiate a relationship with your spirit guide. Or perhaps you have an ongoing relationship. Tell us about your experience in the comment box below.

Working with a spirit guide is a serious spiritual practice for serious spiritual seekers. But it's also a lot of fun. ❖

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