Thursday, February 3, 2011

We Are Multidimensional Spiritual Beings!

Here's what most people still believe:
- We are physical bodies -- that's what we are.
- We exist only in this physical dimension.
- This physical dimension is the only reality that exists.
- This is where we originated.
- When we die, we either go to heaven or hell.
But for me, the truth is this:
- We are spiritual beings. We take on physical bodies temporarily in order to experience the physical dimension, much like astronauts temporarily put on space suits to survive and function in space. We come to the physical dimension for the purpose of spiritual evolution. When we incarnate in physical bodies, we choose to forget what we really are, in order to make the most of our learning opportunities here. Our physical self is only a small part of what we really are.
- As spiritual beings, we are able to exist in various dimensions concurrently.
- We existed as spiritual beings long before coming to the physical dimension. In fact, as spiritual beings, we are eternal. We descended into this physical dimension from higher, more refined spiritual dimensions. The physical universe is only a small part of a much larger multidimensional reality.
- When our physical bodies die, we cast them off like old, worn-out overcoats that no longer serve a useful purpose and go on to new adventures in that dimension which matches our spiritual vibration. There are many dimensions. Jesus himself said: "In my Father's house, there are many mansions."
But we have forgotten what we really are and why we came here.
"So what?" you may ask. "Why is any of this important? Even if it is true, who cares?"
Here's why I think it is important:
We find ourselves in a critical time leading up to 2012. We are undergoing unprecedented spiritual evolution at this time, in order to prepare for the ascension to a higher dimension. Our vibration is increasing rapidly. This rapid increase in vibration is causing medically inexplicable symptoms in our bodies.
Like us, the planet Earth -- and indeed the entire physical universe -- is also undergoing a rapid increase in vibration in preparation for the ascension to higher dimensions. This increase in the Earth's vibration is causing more and more climate change, earthquakes, volcanos, floods, tornados, and other natural disasters.
We currently find ourselves here in the 3rd dimension, because this is where our awareness is focused. But our planet is preparing for the ascension into the 4th or even the 5th dimension. We must prepare for the ascension as well.
Those who don’t know what is going on are bound to experience discomfort, anxiety, and even panic. Personally, I’d rather know what’s going on. I’d rather know there’s no real cause for alarm.
And you? Wouldn't you rather know what's going on, too?

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