Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Do We Do in Heaven?

Have you ever wondered what we do on the other side of the veil in that place often called Heaven? 
I certainly have. In my ongoing quest to find out, I have read two books by Dr. Michael Newton -- Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls -- which describe our activities in the spirit realms.
Dr. Newton is a hypnotherapist, now retired, who has used hypnotherapy to regress his clients back to their lives-between-lives when we dwell in the spirit realms.
Under hypnosis, Dr. Newton’s clients have described the spirit realms as a beautiful place of universities, community centers, temples, libraries, cathedral-like structures, recreation areas, parks, fields, gardens, forests, mountains and lakes. Heaven turns out to be whatever we want it to be, because when we are in spirit, we can create our environment and even our own appearance as we wish.
So what do we do there?
Well, we don’t lie around on clouds. Nor do we sit at the feet of Jesus singing hymns throughout eternity. At least we don’t do that in my Heaven.
Dr. Newton’s clients say we continue our spiritual education in Heaven. Vast schools exist there which we may attend. But our classes can be held anywhere, even on the steps of a temple or sitting in a garden.
One client describes the school she attended on the other side of the veil as a Greek temple. Why? Because she spent her previous lives in Greece. She describes the teacher as a “goddess” wearing long flowing robes. She enters the temple. She sees a large library. There are gatherings of souls speaking in quiet tones at tables in the library. She joins one group. How happy she is to be with them again! They are studying the life books. These life books contain no text but rather live, multi-dimensional action pictures in which we can see our past lives.
As souls, we study many subjects. For example, we study reality creation and how to create a better reality for ourselves.
But it’s not all work and no play. There are plenty of breaks, time in nature and time alone, time for recreation, games, concerts, travel (even travel back to Earth, if we want to), and time to reconstruct the favorite places we lived in while on Earth. In fact, we are not forced to study and may take long periods of rest, if we don't want to, but normally we’re excited about ongoing group projects and want to be a part of those projects.
We work on our own imperfections while in the spirit realms. This desire to overcome our imperfections explains why we decide reincarnate. 
As part of our preparation to reincarnate, we make agreements with many different souls. We then incarnate in groups at about the same time and meet up here as relatives, friends, or co-workers. Even though we may not be together initially, our paths do cross at a pre-determined moment, allowing us to spend time together here on Earth.
In other words, we are together on both sides of the veil. Our friends here on Earth are our friends in Heaven. And our relationship with them here is designed to support our spiritual plan for this incarnation.
Sometimes we feel lonely here because we miss our friends. But sooner or later we are drawn together. There is nothing more fun or exciting than encountering a soul mate -- that is, someone from our soul group. Instinctively we know each other. We vibrate at the same spiritual level. We share common interests and activities together. We realize that we are going through something together. We have met up here because we have work to do together.
The universal law of attraction works to being us together at the right time and place. Such encounters may seem like coincidences or accidents, but they are not. Every relationship, whether lifelong or just a passing encounter, occurs by design.
But just because we are soul mates doesn’t mean we won’t have problems together while incarnated. By pre-agreement, we may even become enemies with hopes of resolving our conflicts and overcoming our mutual problems.
In short, we do the same thing on both sides of the veil: we work, play and learn together. That’s what we do on Earth. And that’s what we do in Heaven.

You can watch the first in a series of YouTube videos featuring Dr. Michael Newton here. Dr. Newton's books are available in the books section of the Quest Store.


  1. Roy,

    Thank you. I like this. The imagery of "Heavenly " time is useful. It also reminds me that my soul is ALWAYS seeking to heal and improve. Is it improving its conscious contact with God or working on its personality defects? Where is the Reality? In heaven or on earth?
    Thanks again for making me think.


  2. Very true but the only difference between the spirit world and the physical world is that in spirit world only like minded souls stay together in a realm unlike on earth where all kinds of souls stay together!

  3. Thanks Roy, You can also do an internet search for Charles Whipple and Oden Hetrick whom, both speak of everyday out of body experiences, enjoying time with family members who have passed on from this world and their experiences of spending time with them in their mansions, as well as exploring paradise and the seven lands