Friday, February 18, 2011

It’s Time to Awaken From Our Spiritual Sleep!

How long have we been spiritually asleep? Probably since the so-called “fall of man.” That’s when we first descended from the spiritual realms into physical form.
We’ve been asleep ever since. But a shift in consciousness is now underway. It’s time to awaken!
I distinctly remember when I first began to feel the shift. It was in the year 2000. My father was dying of cancer. Suddenly and for the first time ever, I became interested in near-death-experiences and the afterlife. I began to meditate every day. I began to receive “divine downloads” -- suddenly knowing things I didn’t know before. And I discovered the Internet, which became my window to the universe, allowing me to study all things spiritual.
From that time on, my consciousness began to shift from the physical world to the spiritual realms. Now I often feel like I have one foot in this physical world and one foot in a higher dimension. And along the way, I have learned incredible things.
For example, I have learned that we created this physical universe, believing we could separate ourselves from God by coming here. I have learned that we created these physical bodies, believing we could separate ourselves from each other in these bodies. We created this physical illusion in its entirety and then forgot we created it. We began to believe that we are the physical bodies we created. We began to believe that the physical illusion we created is real.
But the shift in consciousness now underway will take us to a new understanding of reality. We are about to remember the truth -- the truth about what we really are, the truth about why we really came here.

How do we know this shift is occurring?

Traditional systems of government, economy, religion and health care are collapsing all around us.
Money and material possessions are beginning to lose their allure.
Even once “dark corners” of the world are becoming spiritual vortexes.
Gifted children are being born in unprecedented numbers.
Time seems to be accelerating.
The Internet is helping us to learn the truth at a phenomenal pace.
We are beginning to appreciate the effectiveness of small groups and local communities.
We are becoming more interested in all things spiritual.
We are discovering that everything we once thought to be real is just an illusion.
We are learning that we created the “reality” we see around us and we can change it.
What is meant by ascension?
Ascension is the end result of the shift in consciousness. As we complete the shift in consciousness, we are propelled into higher dimensions through the process of ascension.
The Earth is ascending. It is vibrating faster and releasing its density. That is the real cause of climate change and natural disasters. We must ascend, too.
To ascend, we must release the heavy load of karma we have carried with us through many lifetimes. We must let go of our negative emotions and everything that has kept us so attached to the physical dimension.
What is the significance of 2012?
December 21, 2012 is a very significant date. That date symbolizes the shift in consciousness.
On that date, our sun will align with the galactic center for the first time in 26,000 years.
And on that date, the Mayan calendar will end. According to the ancient Mayans, 2012 marks the end of one era and the beginning of another.
As we approach 2012, we are feeling a growing sense of urgency -- and excitement. It is the time by which we should achieve a critical mass necessary for a quantum leap in spiritual growth.
What is DNA activation?
To achieve the shift in consciousness and the subsequent ascension, we have been undergoing DNA activation. DNA is the “blueprint of life” and it is located in every cell of our bodies. We all have two double-helix strands of DNA in our cells, but there are an additional 10 strands that have been dormant since before the beginning of recorded history.
Imagine the impact of having 12 strands of active DNA! We will go from using 10 percent of our brain to becoming multi-dimensional beings with psychic, telepathic, and manifestation abilities. We will be able to heal ourselves of disease. We will look and feel younger. Our memory and intuition will be vastly enhanced. We will enjoy inner peace and calmness.
A massive influx of celestial energy into our bodies is activating this additional DNA.
We chose to come here...
Unfortunately, most of humanity is still asleep. Most of humanity still doesn’t know that, at long last, we may be able to experience the golden age and Heaven on earth.
We all chose to come here at this time to experience the shift in consciousness. It’s the single most important event in human history.
How about you? Have you been feeling the shift? How has it affected you?

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