Friday, August 16, 2013

How You Can Benefit from Spiritual Growth

Many people still believe we are born, we suffer throughout life, and in the end we simply die. They continue to believe we are weak and vulnerable and that life itself consists of a series of failures and disappointments in a world of scarcity and greed. With so many “practical” matters to attend to every day, they don't time for superfluous things like spiritual growth.

But why do they want to live that way? We can, in fact, release our negative beliefs and emotions. We can experience a lifetime of joy and serenity. We can live in a permanent state of gentle bliss. We can do all of this through spiritual growth!

Spiritual growth means no more sleepwalking through life, unconscious spiritually and barely conscious physically. It means awakening to the truth of what you really are. It means discovering that this physical “reality” is just an illusion you created for the sake of having certain experiences to help you grow spiritually.

Of course, most people aren’t ready for ideas like these. And they may never be ready in this lifetime. That’s okay. They are where they’re supposed to be at this point in their evolution. They can have as many more lifetimes as they need to awaken. Many of us, however, want to awaken now and accelerate our spiritual growth in this lifetime.

You can enjoy a lifetime of joy and serenity.

When you awaken and begin to reach higher levels of spiritual awareness, you start to notice some delightful changes within yourself and in the way you feel. You begin to understand that you are much more than just a fragile physical body living in a harsh physical world. Your desires seem to manifest more quickly when you discover that you are a powerful creator. You learn how to attract what you want and need into your life. You actually become happier and more content.

What’s more, the world you see around you and your experiences in it seem to change. The world no longer appears to be a horrifying place of fear, ignorance, greed, and suffering. Your deep-rooted human tendency to criticize and judge everyone and everything diminishes. You come to understand that your belief in separation from others and from God is just an illusion.

Sometimes I have been frustrated by humanity’s apparent lack of interest in spiritual growth. Yet I have also witnessed the glorious beginnings of spiritual awakening in many people. That’s very exciting! We all incarnated at this time to experience the process of global awakening at long last underway. We came at this time because we knew the events now occurring would afford us an unprecedented opportunity to accelerate our spiritual growth. To one extent or another, everyone now living on Earth is being affected by this on-going process of human transformation, whether they know it or not.

Will I become fully enlightened in this lifetime? Perhaps. But perhaps I don't have to. You see, spiritual evolution is a never-ending process. I have awakened and I have achieved some degree of spiritual progress. But if I don’t become fully enlightened in this lifetime, I can reincarnate as many times as I need to. The process of spiritual evolution is eternal.

Despite my dedication to the global spiritual awakening and my own spiritual growth, human transformation still seems to be a slow and evolutionary process with occasional surges. Whether or not we decide to accelerate this process is a choice we must make individually and collectively, but the benefits of so doing are beyond our our wildest imagination. 

You can gain so much through spiritual growth. And it’s not a lot of hard work. The time you dedicate to spiritual studies and practices will open your eyes to the truth, perhaps for the first time. You will experience a sense of joy and amazement when this happens. The journey will become a lot of fun for you!

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