Sunday, December 5, 2010

Why Is Time Accelerating?

Do you remember how summer vacations seemed to last forever when you were a kid? I certainly do. I spent endless hours sitting on the front porch, reading science fiction books during summer vacations. Time had no meaning for me back then.
But, goodness, how that has all changed! Now I never seem to have enough time to do the things I want to do or have to do. I often wonder where my days go. I just put away the Christmas things for last year, and now it’s time to get them all out again. Each morning, I get up and have my coffee. Then suddenly it’s time to go back to bed, and I can’t account for what I did all day long. Have you been experiencing this, too?
Time, it seems to me, is accelerating. And this apparent acceleration of time has been having a profound impact on us. It has led to chronic stress, urgency, confusion, irritability, anxiety and even fear and panic. Along with these emotional effects, we have been experiencing physical symptoms as well, especially chronic headaches, fatigue and nervous system disorders. The acceleration of time is having its greatest negative impact is on those of us who don’t know what’s going on.
Some people claim that the apparent acceleration of time occurs when we are doing things we enjoy. Others say it happens as we get older. Still others argue that it’s a consequence of the rapid pace of technological innovation.
All of this may be true, I don’t know. But I would like to share with you two other possible explanations for the apparent acceleration of time: a scientific explanation and a spiritual explanation.
First, the scientific explanation...
Years ago, scientists discovered that the earth’s electromagnetic field has been vibrating, or pulsating, at a frequency of 7.8 cycles per second, and it has been vibrating at this same frequency for thousands of years. They named this phenomenon the Schumann resonance after the German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann who predicted it mathematically in the 1950s. More recently, however, scientists have discovered that the earth’s vibration is rising and now stands at 12 cycles per second. This may provide a scientific explanation for the apparent acceleration in time. Einstein himself said that time can speed up.
And now, the spiritual explanation...
The earth is vibrating faster in preparation for the global ascension to a higher dimension. We who inhabit the earth must likewise prepare for the ascension. And we must do so now, because time may be running out. 
We are awakening from thousands of years of fear and ignorance. Like the earth itself, we who have chosen to awaken spiritually at this time are now vibrating more rapidly than before. Spiritual growth that once took years or perhaps a lifetime to accomplish can now be accomplished in months or even days. In fact, A Course in Miracles tells us that we can experience a “holy instant” in which we awaken immediately. As we awaken and actively pursue the truth, there occurs a “time of revealing” along with a “time of quickening.” And as we have awakened individually in recent years, we have begun to meet others like us who are having similar experiences. Together, we are discovering that we are part of a rapid global awakening.
The great shift which we are now experiencing seemed to begin in the 1960s. At least that’s the way it seems to me in retrospect. But the shift really exploded after the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, marked by an alignment of the Sun, Moon and six of the planets. This convergence ushered in a 25-year period of earth “cleansing” with global and human turbulence that will culminate in 2012. The year 2012 is not the end of the world. Rather, it is a time symbolic of new beginnings. It is a time by which, I hope, we can achieve the kind of critical mass we need to propel humanity as a whole into an awakened state of consciousness.
So, we now find ourselves in between 1987 and 2012. We find ourselves in a time “between worlds” when our purpose is to deal with our problems and prepare for the ascension to a higher level of consciousness.
Have you noticed lately how often you may have been seeing “11:11” on your digital clock? This number symbolizes the global awakening. And have you noticed how quickly your desires and intentions have been manifesting into reality lately? Indeed, we have been learning how to become better creators of the kind of reality we would like to experience, and that may be the main reason why we incarnated on earth in the first place. Have you noticed, also, how much more quickly you are now confronted by opportunities to pay off karmic debts? It seems like we can now pay off our karmic debts almost immediately, rather than having to take them with us into future incarnations. I believe all of these experiences are a consequence of our accelerating vibration and the apparent acceleration of time.
As you probably know, I am a devotee of A Course in Miracles. This is what ACIM has to say about time...
Time, it says, is an illusion, just like everything else here in the physical dimension. We created time to separate the events in our lives. We invented clocks and calendars to “measure” time. The ego takes advantage of our belief in the existence of time, to convince us to repeat the past and avenge the injustices we think we have suffered. But the only time that really exists is the Eternal Present Moment. And, in fact, we are merely reviewing everything we believe has happened to us in this lifetime, much like watching a movie.
Until now, we’ve been enslaved by time, just as we’ve been enslaved to our physical bodies which demand so much of our time. But our priorities are shifting from trivial to spiritual matters as a consequence of our spiritual awakening. We can now discard burdensome possessions and tiresome beliefs. We can now focus on our inner transformation. And when we do that, the world we see around us will be transformed as well.
So I ask: Have you felt this apparent acceleration of time? Why do you think it is happening. How has it affected you?
It’s an exciting time to be alive, isn’t it?


  1. I was blessed enormously to read Ram Dass' handwritten book "Be Here Now" in the early 1970's sitting on a mountainside in northern California and learned that message.

    If you find a copy now, you will discover valid comparisons in his message matches that of the "Course in Miracles" and every other clear source you have been hearing life long. Ah what great blessings we are experiencing living now, here.

    May we each open our hearts, our eyes, our ears and our minds, now to the bright light of love all around us.

    Thanks Roy for all you are and all you do to help brighten our view.


  2. I've also felt the acceleration of time, as does everyone. I believe it is partially due to the fact that as you become older, you have more time "behind you" which creates the illusion that time itself is speeding up. The more time you have had to compare to your present moment, the faster time becomes. Also, the universe operates circularly. Examples are electrons and protons orbiting its nucleus, moons orbiting its planet, planets orbiting stars, and stars orbiting supermassive black holes. All these objects become closer and closer, ever so slightly (over billions of years), to the object it is orbiting, due to the gravitational pull on that object. We are another example of that. We are orbiting our star, and with each passing year, we become ever so slightly closer and closer to our star. This orbit is what dictates time to us. So the closer we get to our star, and our black hole in the center of our galaxy, the more time accelerates.

  3. We often work from the point of view that time is linear, moving from point A to B in a straight line. What if time is part of the nonlinear fractal manifestation of Universe, and in it's manifestation is far different than we perceptually perceive with our instruments like the atomic clock. Experientially time seems to have it's own flow, at times seeming to move faster and other periods slower. Maybe the reality of time is really more in tune with our experience that our instruments. It seems there is so much we don't know.

  4. I started out reading this thinking, "Here we go" But I agree! It's nice to read opinions from like minded people. I "awoke" 9 months ago. And I see people stirring from slumber all around me. I have be hopes for 2012. I only hope it isn't a violent awakening...

  5. I don't like to make affirmation without proof , but indeed my opinion is that time is accelerating !The reasons from the second comm are untrue ...(well one of them is true), first one is wrong because i`m 23 years old , and i have friends younger than me that have reached the same conclusion(and oh, btw...if this were a normal thing , the "old" people before us have had to be noticing it too) , and second reason is wrong because the time difference of the spinning planets is simply not big enough to be noticed in a lifetime(again, same thing , other people would have noticed it).

  6. Humans have no real perception of time. Luckily we have good manmade timepieces or we would never get the time accurate. Being late or early for everything.

    In response to the post above, younger people have no frame of reference if time is accelerating, but it is possible for one to notice it by early twenties. I am over 40 years old and can remember phrases like "the summer just flew by"... etc. Another common thing i remember too many times was "just wait, you will be my age before you know it", and variations of that.

    Clearly the people I interacted with felt time moving by quicker for the simple reason they were older.

    So many other examples to consider as well. If you are sleeping and set the snooze alarm, 10 minutes seems like a few minutes. Well that is just another example.

  7. I have been seeing 11:11 almost daily since December 2010. Of course at first I just thought it was a coincidence,but now know better. I think I am off alignment with my soul purpose. The human of me has just been thru four really tough years and life lessons. Now I can't seem to get to what I am suppose to be doing on this earth,always something holding me back.

    For a while I was able to quickly manifest desires and intentions into reality.I thought it was my vision board at work,but it was probably God's help. Now everything has stopped and I am just stuck. The time is flying by and I feel I am wasting it. How do I get back on track?

    1. Same answer as always: forget about anything you don't need to spend time thinking about, look at your current reality honestly, take in all the tragedy and the beauty, then ask yourself how it is that you fit in. You'll know what you need to do, just don't be afraid to do it! :)

  8. Great article! I've definitely noticed my perception of time has been accelerating since around 2012.

    I've experienced the 11:11 synchronicity since the age of 14. It awakened me to my soul path as I know it did for many others as well. Interesting that the previous comment is something I relate to so much! (even though it was back from 2012, lol). I am slowly emerging from a 4 year dark night of the soul and dealing with being'stuck' feeling like something is holding me back. I know that 'something' is 'me' (my mind/thoughts).. but anyway, thank you to the one who replied with the advice about looking at the current situation honestly with all the tragedy and beauty--I feel this is really helping right now. So stumbling across this article and these past 2 comments was very beneficial synchronicity for me. : ) I also know that by keeping one's awareness more in the 'present moment' instead of allowing thoughts to always be 'stuck' in the past or future, can really help to slow down the perception of time also. : ) 11:11

  9. Wouldn't time be accelerating at the same rate for everyone? Why do children still experience time slower than adults if time is accelerating? Also the "scientific explanation" you give is completely inaccurate, Schumann resonances have nothing to do with our perception of time or how we measure time. Also if you are going to use Einstein to back up your "scientific explanation" please use him in the correct context with his theories of general relativity and special relativity. Thx ;)

  10. I woke up this morning after months of noticing, (even years) of time accelerating. And found this.

    It certainly isn't just "growing up"
    that is causing this shift, and yet I believe most are to distracted to notice. Video games, sports, careers, etc. have the masses sleeping through it. And for those who are awake there are 2 categories: Christians and non. Non Christians fall into 2 more sub categories: naturalistic materialists and new age "enlightened" types.

    I understand the nature of this site, but I must posit the most logical possibilities. Fist being that "time" (as we know it) actually is accelerating. As the universe expands it does so at faster pace. Could this be affecting our perception of time, yet our measurements still seem fine?

    Possibly it is resonance, maybe CERN the particle accelerator, is affecting vibrations beyond our knowledge. They certainly admit by their own words they are seeking other dimensions and the "god particle".

    One thing is for sure, the true God is outside of time. Which is why He "knows the end from the beginning"
    Which is why bible prophecy is always dead on accurate. And that same Bible says there is coming a time where He will return to set things back in order and judgement will come.

    The new age tells the same lie that the serpent told Eve in garden, "you shall be as gods" So for those hoping to ascend this reality apart from God are following his lie from the beginning. And the bible also says he (Satan) comes "as an angel of light" So it's no wonder so many are deceived. However, God's promise is far better, and the only actual obtainable ideal. Glorified bodies? Eternity with the Creator?

    People are quick to accept a cubic zirconia when God has a diamond waiting for them because they do not want to follow His moral law.

    But just as the laws of physics uphold the universe, so the moral law upholds truth, justice and the substance of love.

    Otherwise we're just floating around in a jumbled up mess where anything goes. Kinda like the chaos we presently experience from that fall in the garden in which our first parents went for that lie, that we can transcend this consciousness apart from God and His moral law.

    Thankfully He has made provision through His Son's death. Where His perfection is imputed to us through the blood shed. Thereby restoring us to His definition of perfect. For apart from that we are tainted and unable to obtain it.

    "Redeeming the time, because the days are evil." Ephesians 5:16