Monday, March 11, 2013

Planning Your Next Life

Years ago, I said to Spirit: “Take me as far as you can, as fast as you can, in this lifetime.”  Spirit responded. The floodgates opened. I began to learn amazing things. Life became a spiritual adventure.

Since then, the adventure has been overwhelming at times. When that has happened, I have had trouble coping with the pace and intensity of it. But I have never regretted my request for accelerated spiritual growth. You see, I don't want to "waste" yet another lifetime.

To be honest, I haven’t been learning new things. Rather, I have been remembering things—things I knew while still in Spirit but forgot when I passed through the “veil of forgetfulness” at the time of my incarnation into this physical world.

One of the most important things I have remembered is this: I planned my current life before incarnating. In fact, I have created such plans before every incarnation—and so have you. Of course, you and I have intentionally forgotten the plans we made, so that our experiences here in the physical world would seem real and spontaneous.

I have begun to remember some of the specific lessons I-as-Soul hoped to learn in this lifetime. For example, I wanted to learn lessons in patience, tolerance, and non-judgmentalism. For that reason, I planned to leave the United States and come to live in a foreign country, where I would have more opportunities to finally learn these kinds of lessons. 

And I have begun to remember some of the events and experiences I-as-Soul wanted to have in this lifetime, to help me learn the lessons I pre-selected for this lifetime. For example, a past-life regression I did several years ago revealed to me that I had spent previous lifetimes deep in alcoholism. So, in my plan for this life, I included an opportunity to recover at long last from this addiction. Thus far, I have succeeded in my recovery, one-day-at-a-time since July 1990. And this recovery, in turn, has led to a profound personal and spiritual transformation for me in this lifetime. Of course, free will would have allowed me to deviate from my plan. But then, I would have continued to wallow in pain and misery.

It’s important, I believe, to remember the plans we made for our current life. Not knowing these plans is a lot like going someplace we have never been, with no map and no idea what we’re supposed to do when we finally get there. For that reason, I have often discussed my plans for this life with my spirit guides during meditation.

I also believe it’s important to plan for your next life because what you do, or fail to do, in this life will affect your next life. What you fail to accomplish in terms of spiritual growth in this life will determine what remains for you to accomplish in your next life. Guess what!—you are already preparing for your next life, although perhaps unconsciously. And when you plan unconsciously, you may not like the results.

Of course, You-as-Soul will plan your next life when you are dwelling in the spirit realms between lives as you always do. But you can start the process now. Life planning doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. Just ask yourself a few questions and try to answer them. For example...

  • What are my goals in my current life? Since I may not be able to accomplish all of these goals in my current life, might I be able to accomplish them in my next life? Or am I content just to drift through this life and perhaps my next life as well?
  • What is important to me? What am I passionate about? What makes me happy and fills me with bliss? For example, do I want to play a greater spiritual role in the geographic location where I find myself in this life and perhaps in my next life as well?
  • In what ways would I like to change my current life? What do I want my next life to be like?
  • Am I living in economic slavery in my current life, doing an unrewarding job just to pay my mortgage and other bills? What would I like to do in my next life that will give me real joy and satisfaction?
  • How can I avoid the “wrong” decisions—such as those we often make in relationships and marriages—during the remainder of this life and during my upcoming life?
  • How can I change the world I now see around me? How might I make the world a better place in my next life? How might I contribute to the global spiritual awakening in this life and my next one?
  • And what are the two or three things I most want to accomplish in my next life that I haven’t accomplished in this life?

Go ahead! Ask yourself these questions and similar ones that may occur to you. As you can see from the questions, a direct relationship exists between your current life and your next life.

Remember: You-as-Soul will plan for limitations, challenges, and even adversity in your next life. You will do this for the purpose of spiritual growth. So don’t expect your next life to be as perfect or as easy as you might like it to be. You need opportunities to overcome obstacles in life in order to achieve or accelerate your spiritual growth. You need opportunities to learn the lessons you set up for yourself before incarnating.  You did not plan to come to Earth just to gather up as much money and toys as you possibly could. You came here for the intensified opportunity to grow spiritually that this place affords you.

Perhaps you have convincing evidence that your current life is your last one here in the physical world. A few of you will not need to return to this “vale of tears.” You have learned all there is for you to learn here. America’s most famous psychic, Edgar Cayce, gave some 14,000 readings in his life and, if I recall correctly, only in 19 cases did he tell people they were in their last incarnation. You may be in your last incarnation, but that doesn’t mean your spiritual evolution is about to end. No, indeed, because we evolve eternally. Perhaps your evolution will continue at new levels of consciousness in the 4th, 5th, or even higher dimensions where you will dwell. Or perhaps you will become an ascended master who will teach and guide the rest of us who remain behind in the 3rd dimension because we still have things to learn here. If you are one of those people who will not be incarnating again in the physical world, where would you like to go? What would you like to do? You can plan for it and prepare yourself now for the new adventures ahead.

We all need to remain focused in our current life, because we incarnated into it for a purpose. But given the direct relationship between our current life and our next life, we can—and should—begin to plan for our next life.

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  1. Roy, very interesting reading. What if life on this Earth is not the only physical incarnation possible? Maybe there are other higher less dense planets to incarnate into where spiritual consciousness evolves on. I think that happens when this is the last incarnation on this earth. When a soul has gone as far as possible in this dense physical space called Earth.

  2. I am making conscious choices for my next life, if I have to be born on Earth. I will to remember these in my internatal journey and on the soul plane.

    A man of letters, a Mystic Poet of stature, with Western classical musical gifts and abilities, and a good singing voice.

    Multi-lingual with excellent knowledge of Norwegian, Finnish, English, Sanskrit, French, German, Russian.

    Physically tough, healthy, strong body. Tall and handsome.

    Good dancer with a sense of rhythm and grace. Excellent visual aesthetic sense.

    An avid outdoor sportsman playing football, ice hockey, skiing, sailing.

    Strong powerful vital, attractive, commanding and influential personality with a great humility.

    Sharp, incisive, intelligent, creative mind with phenomenal memory, very good oratory and performance skills.

    Over-mental gifts of intuition, inspiration and revelation aspiring towards supramental growth. Ability to listen to my inner Soul's voice.

    A developed psychic being and lower nature's under its control.

    A strong innate belief Shraddha in the existence of God. And a Bhakti.

    Kind, gentle, helpful, sporting, loving, caring, peaceful, contented, patient, graceful, competitive, successful, meditative, silent, interesting, hard-working, diligent, sincere, intelligent, nature.

    Preferred country of Birth - A country in Scandinavia firstly Norway, secondly Finland. Mother Father Norwegian or Finnish. Combination could be even better as several languages will be spoken at home.

    Mother : Age between 28 and 30 with literary abilities. Could be a poet, writer, editor, journalist, professor, teacher. Loving, caring, financially and emotionally secure, warm, normal, confident person. I should be a much wanted child. Have stable loving mutually respecting relationship with my father. No complications.

    Father : In his 30s, in the field of classical music - a instrumentalist, a composer, a conductor, music professor or school teacher. Should be in love with my mother. Financially secure. Helpful, supportive, non-demanding. No ego clashes with my mother. A family person. No extra marital affairs.

  3. i belive in reincarnation but i dont understand that when a medium contacts a loved one who has passed over how can they if that loved one has incarnated and is now living again in the physical world surely they cannot be in the spirit world and in the physical world at the same time