Monday, February 18, 2013

How Has December 21, 2012 Affected Our Lives?

Many people seem to believe that December 21, 2012 was a “non-event.” After all the hype leading up to it, they feel that nothing happened on that long-awaited date. A global cataclysm did not occur, and many claim their lives have not changed in any way since then.

But I believe something wonderful has been happening since that date. For that reason, I invite you to ask yourself if you now feel differently than you did prior to December 21st. Ask yourself if your reactions to life have changed in any way.

December 21st was not, and never has been, about the end of the world. Rather, it was about a surge in global consciousness. On that date, a cosmic gateway seemed to open, allowing greater amounts of spiritual energies to flow into the physical world. That gateway remains open.

Your physical, emotional, and mental bodies have been trying to integrate these additional energies. Perhaps you have been feeling it. In my own case, I have been feeling a continual sense of peace, serenity, and even gentle bliss that I rarely felt before December 21st. I have been feeling more heart-centered and less brain-centered. For me, that’s an incredible transformation, and I hope you have been feeling it, too.

How has this transformation otherwise been affecting us? In many ways. Let me describe some of them to you...
  • Time has been accelerating or, perhaps more accurately, it has been collapsing. Soon enough, we will no longer need to maintain the illusion of a past and a future to separate the events of our lives. Instead, we will dwell in the Eternal Now, which is the only time that really exists.
  • We will no longer continue to be subjected to the tyranny of governments and man-made religions, which historically have often acted in cahoots with each other to control us through fear. Small democratic communities and spiritual groups will replace them.
  • Big medicine and big pharmaceutical empires will be swept away by our discovery that we can, and do, heal ourselves. We will no longer need to endure the butchery of surgery and poisoning by so-called medicines.
  • The non-stop hysteria and fear caused by the mass media—which loves to wallow in “bad news”—will be replaced by universal access to knowledge and wisdom. Likewise, we will no longer have to choose between the grotesque drama of soap operas and violent movies on television every night.
  • Our economic enslavement to materialism—reinforced by a concocted belief in scarcity and resulting greed—will be replaced by free access to universal abundance and energy. We will no longer need to work for money. Instead, we will be motivated by passion for what we do and the pleasure and satisfaction it gives us.
  • Vegetarianism will become the norm. We will be repulsed by the notion of eating our little brothers, the animals.
  • Our never-ending fascination with drama, fighting, judging, and criticizing will end. That is what the biblical term “final judgment” really means.
  • At long last, we will remember what we really are and why we really came here. We will awaken from a dream we always thought was real. We will re-discover that we are not, and never have been, separate from God or each other. We will begin to understand that we ourselves created our life experience and our so-called physical “reality.” As we look around, we already can see the 3rd dimension collapsing because we no longer need the experience it has been providing us. It is literally shutting down.
  • At the same time, the veil between us and Spirit is thinning. We ourselves created this veil, to separate ourselves from Spirit and to convince ourselves that this physical world is real. It is becoming easier for us to communicate with Spirit, and indeed, the spirit realms now seem so close that we can almost reach out and touch them or even walk right into them without needing to experience the illusion we call “physical death.”
  • We are learning that we ourselves are Spirit temporarily manifesting in the illusion of physical bodies and that all along we have been playing a physical game with ourselves, having somehow convinced ourselves that this game is real.
If all of this sounds utopian to you, let me remind you of the Universal Law of Attraction, which says that we attract into our experience whatever we choose to focus on.

Well, December 21st didn’t bring about the end of the world, but it did bring about an end of the world as we know it. The process of transformation now underway will continue for many years to come. We have entered a new era of human existence that eventually will lead us into a Golden Age here on Earth. In a few years, we will marvel at how much our lives and our life on Earth have changed. What a grand adventure awaits us!

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