Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why in Heaven's Name Would Spirit Want to Talk to Us?

Why, you may wonder, would Spirit have any reason or desire to talk to us? After all, we are mere mortals, aren’t we?
Recently, I have been wondering about this. So I have discussed it with my spirit guides in my journeys to “the other side” during meditation. Here is what I have learned...
Before we incarnate, each of us draws up “contracts” with our spirit guides who will accompany us when we come to the physical world. These guides agree to assist us throughout our stay here. Normally, we are not aware of their presence, despite the important role they play in our lives.
We also make contracts with souls who will incarnate at about the same time as we do and who will meet up with us here in the physical world. Perhaps they will become our loved ones, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, or even enemies. In making these contracts, we decide what we will do together when we meet up here.
Upon incarnating, we forget all about these contracts. But our friends remaining behind in Spirit do not forget. They continue to work with us, whether we know it or not. They even try to communicate with us.
Our spirit guides want to advise and encourage us during our sojourns in the physical world. That’s their job. They try to arrange the kinds of experiences we need for personal and spiritual growth while we are here. They help us find the materials we need, such as A Course in Miracles and other great spiritual teachings. They often work through gifted channelers to help us. They know how difficult life can be for us here. They know how difficult it is for us to believe this physical world is just an illusion. They want to help us remember that we are really spiritual beings, just like them.
At the same time, loved ones who have already returned to the spirit realms may want to contact us. They want to assure us that they are all right, and they want us to stop grieving for them. They may want to apologize for their behavior when they were here in the physical world. They may want to help us in some way. Not wishing to frighten or alarm us, they may appear to us only in dreams.
One of the most astounding discoveries I’ve made so far in my travels to “the other side” is that spirit entities may wish to contact us in order to facilitate their own evolution. We are impelled by a never-ending desire to evolve, whether we are here or in the spirit realms. For that reason, we reincarnate again and again. Many souls fail to achieve the kind of growth they had hoped for in their last incarnation. Now they are back in the spirit realms, but perhaps in partnership with us, they can work on their unfinished lessons.
Others who are about to incarnate for the first time may wish to know what to expect of life here in the physical world once they arrive. During my trips to “the other side” in meditation, I have learned that one of my functions there is to help such young souls prepare for incarnation by giving them a better understanding of what life is like here, based on my own experience.
Still others who have not incarnated in a long “time” may have forgotten what life is really like in the physical world -- especially its intensity and difficulty -- and they may wish to be reminded of what it’s like before returning again. Each time we incarnate, we draw the “veil of forgetfulness” over us. We deliberately cut off contact with Spirit in order to enhance the realism and spontaneity of our experiences here. These souls who are about to reincarnate after a long hiatus know they will draw “the veil of forgetfulness” over themselves once again and they may wish to prepare for this.
When trying to communicate with us, Spirit frequently has trouble getting our attention because of our disbelief, skepticism, and fear. They may have to push and cajole us, create synchronicities in our lives, or even let life deliver us a few hard knocks before we become willing to wake up. Sometimes they may need to communicate with us urgently, such as when we face imminent danger. They may want to help us awaken before we self-destruct in alcoholism and drug abuse, depression, or suicide.
Spirit can communicate with anyone -- including you. But Spirit will never violate your free will. Your willingness is required before they can open a channel of communication with you.

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  1. Roy,
    Everything you write makes sense to me and I understand it even if I am reading it for the very first time. We have so much in common. I wonder how many other people tell you what I have just told you. How many are also on the same path?