Sunday, August 25, 2013

Your Never-Ending Quest for Spiritual Answers

I have a friend in the spirit realms that I call "he-who-answers-my-questions." I besiege him with questions whenever I meet with him during my journeys to the other side of the veil. 

I ask him questions like: Who am I really? Why do I incarnate again and again? And what is God? "He-who-answers" always accommodates my insatiable curiosity.

These same questions have been the subject of speculation for us as "human beings" throughout history.

But why do we ask so many questions?

The English word “question” comes from the Latin word “quarrier” which means “to seek.” The word “quest” also comes from this Latin word. Our spiritual journey through the physical dimension is indeed a quest for answers. In Spirit Quest, we ask all kinds of spiritual questions.

Why, exactly, do we do this?

Quite simply, this is why: We are spiritual beings living temporarily in physical bodies. As spiritual beings, it is only natural for us to seek spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

To find answers, though, we must first ask questions. The act of asking spiritual questions mobilizes the immense power of the Divinity within us, bringing knowledge and wisdom that would otherwise not be available to us. By asking questions, we open the spiritual floodgates. Knowledge and wisdom come pouring in. The process of transformation is unleashed. We may even experience enlightenment. Once launched, this process cannot be aborted.

Seeking answers is a sacred process

Seeking answers to spiritual questions is a sacred process. It may require time to complete. It may even require a lifetime. But we don’t have to do it alone. We are now accompanied by many others who, like us, are awakening and seeking spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

Unfortunately, most people seldom pause long enough to ask themselves spiritual questions. They are still obsessed with physical wants and needs, such as their careers and the rat-race of making enough money to pay the bills. They have no idea who they really are or why they have come here. Some may be afraid to ask spiritual questions, preferring instead to remain focused in physicality. Perhaps they are afraid to discover that they really are powerful, eternal spiritual beings. Or perhaps, when they were children, they were scolded by their parents or teachers who told them to “stop asking so many questions.”
Sooner or later, however, many of these people discover that they are not happy. They begin to ask: Is that all there is? What is life for? What does it all mean? They discover that worldly attractions will never provide a permanent state of bliss.
Perhaps you think you are just a novice and you don’t have any answers to spiritual questions. Maybe you think you’re not even entitled to ask such questions. But wait! You came to the physical dimension to have certain experiences in order to learn lessons and evolve spiritually as a result. Asking questions facilitates this process of spiritual evolution.

And — believe it or not — you already know the answers. You just need to remember what you forgot by drawing the veil of forgetfulness over you when you came here. You no longer need to remain lost in forgetfulness. The answers you are seeking can be found within you. "He-who-answers-my-questions" has assured me of this.

You can read about one of my encounters with "he-who-answers" by clicking here: Does Spiritual Knowledge Lead to Happiness?

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  1. Thank you Roy, I was one of the one told not to ask has taken a long time to feel I could ask and now the answers are pouring in. cariƱos, Rosemary