Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why Are So Many People Indifferent to Spirituality?

Several years ago, I attended an Abraham-Hicks seminar in Orlando. I remember how delighted I was to see so many young people in their 20s and 30s attending the seminar. It gave me hope for the future of humanity.

Since then, however, I have noticed a general indifference to, or a lack of interest in, spirituality. I have noticed that most people remain entrapped in fear, materialism, drama, and greed.

A number of possible explanations may account for this apparent lack of interest in spirituality. People may think spirituality is too complicated or too impractical. They may not be ready to challenge their long-held beliefs about physical "reality." They may still believe that spirituality and religion are synonymous. They may be preoccupied with their jobs. Or they may believe they have more important things to do.

Men especially seem to be disinterested in spirituality. Whenever I go to spiritual conferences and seminars, I notice that 80 or 90 percent of the attendees are women. I ask myself: Where are the men? What are they doing? Are they at home watching football and drinking beer? Do they still believe that earning money and having sex are the only important things to do in life?

We humans are ego-driven. That may be the real explanation for our lack of interest in spirituality. We still believe we are separate from each other and from Spirit. We still believe this physical world is real. We still believe we are physical bodies. These beliefs lead to rampant suffering and dissatisfaction in our lives, and yet we continue to cling to them. Spirituality would enable us to learn the truth, but the ego doesn’t want us to learn the truth. Its survival depends on our continued ignorance.

How you live is entirely up to you. You can continue to live in ignorance, leading to more misery and suffering in your life. Or you can choose a spiritual lifestyle that will lead to real bliss for you here on Earth.

Somewhere I read that 30 percent of Americans now identify themselves as “spiritual but not religious.” This may seem like a large number. But apparently it is not large enough to ignite a global spiritual awakening.

Have you observed this lack of interest in spirituality? How do you account for it?

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