Sunday, October 7, 2012

Why Did We Leave Our Spiritual Home to Come Here?

Did you ever ask yourself: Why am I here? Why, in Heaven’s name, did I come to this physical world?

The answer has to be of utmost importance. Why? Because coming here without a plan or purpose would be like traveling to someplace you’ve never been -- with no map and no idea what you want to do when you arrive. Without a plan or purpose, you would find yourself lost in a matrix, a world that seems real and yet is just an illusion. You would be born as if by accident, you would suffer throughout life with no apparent gain, and then you would die at the end of a meaningless existence. That, in fact, is what most people seem to do.

So wouldn’t it be better to know why you came to this physical world? I do believe life here has a spiritual purpose. But if it turns out not have a spiritual purpose, then there is no reason to be here. There is no point in continuing to play a senseless game of pain and suffering.

Our true home is in the spirit realms, not here on Earth. In spirit, there is no pain or fear, no suffering or death. So again I ask: Why do we incarnate into physical bodies in a physical world of heavy density and slow vibration? Wouldn’t it be better just to stay in the spirit realms?

To Learn from Physical Experience

Well, it seems we come here again and again and we do so by choice. We are never forced to come, and our incarnations never occur by accident. Clearly, we come for a reason, and we carefully plan for each incarnation before coming. We choose when and where we will incarnate, who our parents will be, and what kind of physical body we will live in. Perhaps most importantly, we decide what lessons we hope to learn while we are here.

I, for example, have discovered what some of my "life lessons" are -- to overcome my impatience, frustration, and judgmentalism, and to become more spontaneous and loving. I have also discovered that I am here to share with others what I have learned along the way in any way I can. With our anticipated lessons firmly in mind, we can then plan for the events and experiences in life that will provide our learning opportunities.

It seems we can have experiences in the physical world that are not available to us in the spirit realms. We can know about things before we incarnate, but we need to actually experience them firsthand to fully appreciate them. There is an intensity to our negative emotions here -- emotions such as fear, anger, hate, resentment, bitterness and disappointment -- that we can only imagine before coming. All of the experiences we have here are learning opportunities, and we are willing to undergo hardship and suffering, if that's what it takes to accelerate our spiritual growth.

I suspect that life here often turns out to be more difficult than we imagined it would be. We come expecting to achieve enormous spiritual growth in each lifetime. But we face a formidable challenge: how to do this in a world where illusions seem so real and countless distractions divert us from our purpose.

Of course, life does not consist only of hardship and suffering. We also want to enjoy our time here. We want to experience a grand adventure. It is a very sensual place where, for example, we can discover the joy of loving ourselves and others unconditionally.

To Become Better Creators

We are creators, and this physical world gives us a chance to learn how to become better creators, both of the kind of life we want to have and the kind of world we want to live in. To be sure, we have forgotten that we are creators of our life experience and not just the victims of it. We have forgotten that we create with our thoughts and emotions and we are doing so at all times. So we have often ended up creating what we don’t want because we are creating unconsciously.

Fortunately, everything happens in slow motion in the physical world. A built-in time delay occurs between the moment when we have a thought and that thought’s actual manifestation in our physical experience. This time delay gives us a chance to think about what we are doing before we create a global catastrophe or other such unwanted events.

Our goal then is to become conscious creators of our experiences. Right now is a wonderful time to be here for that purpose, because a massive shift in consciousness is underway. This shift will help us become conscious creators. It will help us understand that our physical “reality” is just an illusion which we ourselves created and continue to sustain without even knowing it. As we become conscious creators, we can begin to make the world a better place.

To Participate in the Global Spiritual Awakening

We have come at this time to be part of the great shift, or global spiritual awakening as it is often called. Being here now gives us an extraordinary opportunity to awaken from the dream we have been living in for eons and to discover that we are, in fact, divine spiritual beings. We can finally put fear and ignorance behind us and achieve real peace and joy right here on Earth.

At long last, people are beginning to awaken everywhere. That’s why it’s such an exciting time to be here. The global spiritual awakening now underway is the single most important event ever to occur in human history. We are finally beginning to discover why we really came.

Many have come at this critical time to serve as lightworkers. It is their task to help others awaken from the darkness we've been living in for such a very long time. Lightworkers have an essential role to play in the global spiritual awakening that will lead to our ascension out of the 3rd dimension and into the 4th or even 5th dimension.

Our Time Here Is Brief

So then we have come to have experiences that will accelerate our spiritual evolution. But our time here is very brief on the endless scale of eternity. We need to awaken now and begin at once to make the most of the spiritual opportunities we have in the physical world.

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    Just wanted to say hi and congratulate you because I find your blog entries as pure inspiration to continue my seeking.