Monday, July 30, 2012

A Spiritual Solution to All of Life's Challenges

Does life have a purpose? If not, why are we even born?
What do you really want to do in life? Are you doing it? If not, why not?
Why does life have to be so difficult?
What can you do about the obstacles that seem to block your progress in life?
How can a spiritual approach to life help you, when you are continuously overwhelmed by problems of health, finances, career, and relationships?
Since the beginning of recorded history, we have struggled to find answers to these kinds of questions. Yet today, it seems as if we still have not found the answers we have been seeking for such a long time.
For thousands of years, we turned to religion for answers. But religion could only tell us that "sin and human failing" accounted for life's challenges. We were told to be quiet and obedient. We were admonished not to ask "such questions."
More recently, we turned to science for answers. But the answers that science gave us were constantly changing, often contradictory, and generally incomprehensible. Like the answers given to us by religion, the answers of science were cold and void of spirituality.
Does this mean, then, that we cannot possibly know the answers to life's pressing questions? Does it mean we should stop asking? Not at all!
Yet many people continue to accept the answers given to them by religion or science because they have little time or inclination to do otherwise. Their attitude is: How can I be bothered with such things when I am so busy trying to pay my bills and "get ahead"? As children, they were taught to get a good education, get a good job, and earn enough money to pay for houses, cars, and an endless assortment of other material things.
For these people, life has been a difficult journey, often frustrating, boring, and without purpose or passion. Yet they have continued to pursue it, even to the gates of hell, believing it would somehow lead them to happiness and fulfillment. For most of them, it hasn't worked out, and sooner or later, they have begun to ask: Is this all there is to life?
I know this to be true because, in fact, I am describing my own life experience. I believed that material success would solve my problems in my younger adult years. On the outside, I appeared to be successful, but on the inside I was a miserable wretch. I turned to alcohol, but this provided little relief and, over time, made matters significantly worse. I was at a point of self-destruction when, suddenly and unexpectedly, Spirit intervened in my life in 1990 in a profound and lasting way. On a fateful morning in July of that year, I experienced my first spiritual awakening. The experience lasted only a few moments, but it led me to a complete emotional and mental transformation in the years that followed. A second spiritual awakening in the year 2000 set me on a conscious spiritual path where I find myself today.
I would like to share with you what I learned through my experience...
There is a solution to all of life’s problems. You will begin to discover this solution as you reconnect with Spirit. Your so-called “problems” will start to vanish. The things of this world that once were so important to you will begin to seem trivial.
Our problems exist only in our minds, and what we experience in life is nothing more than a projection outward from our minds. What we think we see “out there” really comes from within us. Thus, we can say that problems are illusions we create. You can’t go “out there” to fix the problems you see around you, because the problems originated within you -- and so will the solution. When you truly know this, you won't continue to blame your problems on other people or life's circumstances. You won't continue to lead a life of resentment, bitterness, and anger. 
Visualize the kind of life you wish to have. Imagine that you have it right now. As you do this, your perception of the world around you will begin to change. Your life experience will begin to change.
Perhaps you still believe the problems you face are insurmountable. Remember this: We ourselves create our experiences here on Earth. We are creators. We are eternal spiritual beings. We are unlimited and invulnerable.


  1. Since becoming unable to baely walk and alot odf other problems, I feel like a totally different person. I can't even explain it except I have become alot closer to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I have come to understand the Bible and have also realized that even though I'm an RN almost 30 yrs., I have been different tthan others. I guess like the child I was on the inside when small. I asked family, my daughters, husband, etc. Is it possible to go thru life up to 56 and then only have the time enough to think about it? I thought everyonr thought and did the things I did. I haven't told anyone. I found out only after asking them-"Did you ever wish you could turn away other people's feelings, so you don't feel so sad for them? They just looked at me??? What I could accomplish in a day, things like that. I'm hyperverbal now and annoying!!! Even to myself. I lost everything within 1 yr. House, job, family,entire 30 yrs. of marriage, parents, siblings, functioning ability, memory, even teeth. They(many MD's can't or won't even test me or anything, nor do they listen at all. I feel very alone, changed, and will like auto talk when I'm tired. I start talking about a topic and drift off to some other time and place, happening, etc. It's very scarey. It's very real but I've told my husband but he won't listen. Is this a mental disability or am I really in another place abnd time that I don't remember when I'm totally awake?
    Sincerely, Sue