Saturday, February 4, 2012

What Is My Life Purpose?

I met the spirit being who-answers-my-questions for the first time during meditation in December 2011. That first encounter was unexpected, and I don’t recall what he and I discussed. But I have met him in meditation several times since. And each time we meet, he answers any questions I may have.
That’s precisely why I call him “he-who-answers-my questions.” I don’t know his actual name -- or if he even has a name. But it doesn’t really matter, you see, since we identify each other by vibration rather than by name in the spirit realms. He is a translucent being of radiant light whose facial features are difficult to distinguish.
At the outset of a recent meditation, I requested that he be present, along with my primary spirit guide, Max. No sooner did I make this request than both of them appeared.
I smiled, happy to see them. I then turned to he-who-answers-my-questions, and without hesitation, I said to him, “May I ask a question?”
He nodded. “Of course.”
“My question is this: What is my life purpose?”
He chuckled in response to my question. Then in a serious tone, he replied, “We know this question is important to you. We have observed you in search of an answer to it for some time. Your activities are helping you find an answer.”
He was referring, of course, to my spiritual studies, conference hopping, and Spirit Quest events.
The three of us were standing in a lounge with floor-to-ceiling windows on one side, looking out upon a resplendent valley to mountains beyond. For a moment, he, Max, and I gazed out at this spectacular vista.
Then he-who-answers-my-questions turned to me and said, “You have always seen yourself as weak and limited and thus incapable of accomplishing your life purpose. You don’t know what you really are. That has been your real problem -- not your lack of knowledge.”
I knew he was right and said, “Okay, that’s true, but how can I deal with it?”
“Well,” he responded, “you have already encountered some great spiritual teachings that seek to change the way you perceive yourself. And you have undertaken some helpful spiritual practices such as meditation and chi gong -- though sporadically, to be sure. But how you feel is far more important than what you do. When you think of something that might be your life purpose, how do you feel about it? Passionate? Or stressed?”
He briefly touched the center of my chest with his fingertips and for emphasis said, “When you think about it, how do you feel here?”
He paused, as if waiting for me to answer. When I didn’t answer immediately, he said, “You like to complicate things. It’s so easy. Just feel it.”
Finally, I said, “I guess my purpose is to evolve -- and to help others do the same.”
“Good. That’s very good,” he said. “But you have also forgotten that you’re supposed to be having fun in the physical world. It is not meant to be a place of never-ending pain and suffering. That’s what you made it into. You bought into the idea that life consists of work and responsibility, that there is no time for fun.”
He glanced out the window and then turned back to me. “Yes, that’s one of your biggest misconceptions. You feel there is much to do and little time in which to do it. You feel a sense of urgency. You feel constantly stressed. But relax! You are an eternal spiritual being -- you literally have as long as you need to accomplish your purpose. You’re already evolving at an accelerated pace, just as you asked to. We’re supporting you. But have fun! A sense of bliss -- that’s what you really want, isn’t it?”
“Yes, it is,” I admitted, feeling a little overwhelmed by the intensity of his explanation. Then I said, “You know what: I’d love to go outside. I love being in nature.”

So he-who-answers-my-questions, Max, and I walked through an open, arched doorway, crossed a smooth, flagstone terrace, and from there, began to follow a tree-lined lane stretching out before us, with Max on my left and he-who-answers on my right.
Max had been unusually quiet during my discussion with he-who-answers.
“Capture the feeling you now have,” Max admonished at last. “Take it with you always.”
Suddenly I began to laugh in delight. They both joined in my merriment. This is how I was always meant to feel but never knew it.
He-who-answers said, “You are now living your purpose. That’s why you feel so joyous.”
Walking between them, I threw my arms around both their shoulders in a way that would have seemed uncharacteristic of me not long ago. “I love you both,” I said to them. “I appreciate you both, and I’m grateful to both of you. You are such good friends.”
They smiled, knowing what I meant and felt.
We strolled along a while longer, until I had to acknowledge that it was time for me to leave this place of beauty and my two dear friends. “I need to return to the physical world and fulfill my purpose,” I told them.
“You are already doing it,” they both assured me.
Their words still echo in my mind.

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