Saturday, April 23, 2011

Do You Want to Change the World and Your Life?

Politics. War. Conspiracy theories. Terrorism. Global catastrophes. Collapsing financial systems. Crime. Disease. Environmental destruction. Violence in every form... Isn't it astounding how many people still enjoy thinking and talking about these kinds of negative things?!

Like most people, I used to think I could solve the world’s problems by dwelling on them, reading about them, and talking about them at length. I became what the U.S. Army calls a soldier-statesman-scholar. I earned a Master’s degree in Middle East studies and world human needs. I thought I could change the world by doing battle head-on with the prevailing forces of darkness. I was naive.

Now I know that I only attract more of these negative things into my life when I continue to focus on them -- and especially when I focus on them with passion.

Focusing on negative things lowers my spiritual vibration and that of everyone around me. Hanging out with people who enjoy talking about negative things also lowers my vibration.

We come to this physical world in order to have experiences that will raise our level of vibration and accelerate our spiritual growth. But we cannot do this by focusing on negative things. We certainly cannot have a life that is happy and serene if we continue to focus on negative things. 

So I’ve made a conscious decision to change my way of thinking.

The turbulence of this world may continue to swirl around me, but I don’t have to let it affect me. I can remain calmly in the eye of the hurricane, unaffected by it. I don’t have to watch TV news or violent movies. I don’t have to continue to listen “attentively and courteously” to people who insist in talking about all the bad things going on in the world. I don’t have to accept the argument that it’s “important” or “realistic” to analyze these things. It’s neither important nor realistic. And it will solve nothing.

The world we see, or think we see, around us is a projection of our own minds. What is going on in our own minds will show up in the kind of world we see. We create our individual and collective experiences with our thoughts and beliefs. We are literally creating and sustaining this physical illusion surrounding us with our thoughts -- that’s how powerful we are! But it’s difficult to see the connection between our thoughts and the manifestation of those thoughts, because the process of creation is so slow here in the physical realm.

Yes, I know we created this world collectively for a purpose. And I know we return to it over and over again for karmic reasons. But if we could raise our spiritual vibration to a high enough level, we would no longer need a world for karmic purposes. We could transform it into heaven-on-earth and would no longer need to sustain the hell we’ve created.

So, if you don’t like the world you see around you or if you are unhappy with your life experiences, then you need to change your way of thinking. You need to shift from negative to positive thinking. Then your experiences in life will begin to change. The world will become a better place to live in.

No, most definitely, this shift to positive thinking isn't easy, especially in a world that seems so dangerous and frightening. It isn't easy because the ego wants you to stay bogged down in the swamp of negativity. That's how it maintains its stranglehold on you.

Do you want to continue to be angry and depressed about what you see in the world? Or about what’s going on in your life? No? Me either.

The world was once a pristine and beautiful place, a Garden of Eden. Do you remember what it was like, many eons ago? I do. But we have nearly devastated it with our negative way of thinking, our greed, fear and ignorance. We can save the world, and our experience here can once again become joyous. But first we have to change our way of thinking.
You may think you can’t influence your way of thinking, but in fact you can. You have an immense number of tools at your disposal to help you. A Course in Miracles is one way. So are positive affirmations and a regular practice of meditation. You can learn about the Law of Attraction and begin to apply it in your life. You can visualize what you do want and be passionate about it, thus manifesting it much more quickly. You can notice the positive qualities in others, rather than judging or criticizing them. You can be optimistic. Using these kinds of spiritual tools, your way of thinking will gradually but effectively change over time. You will begin to feel better, and so will everyone around you.
Negative thinking blocks your spiritual growth. I know because that’s how I lived most of my life. But I noticed that others have changed their way of thinking. If they can do it, so can I. If I am successful, my life experience will change. The world I see around me will change. I will experience the kind of spiritual growth I am seeking. I will experience heaven-on-earth. It is already happening.


  1. Your observations and comments are spot on Roy. Eye am making the shift from image based thinking to a breath based practice. As eye accept myself as my omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient "BREATHS" of absolute abundance now and limitless potentials forever eye am changing my life one conscious deep breath at a time.
    Eye encourage every one to explore and make this practice their very own and see what happens as a result.
    Thank you again Roy.

  2. Hi Roy,
    Thanks again for this thought. I have read it several times and each time I get more from it. We hope to see more of this from you. Lucky