Friday, November 28, 2008

Practical Spirituality

Some people might argue that spirituality is "airy-fairy" and not very practical. I disagree completely.

Here are a few practical things we learn to manifest when leading a spiritual lifestyle:
     - Prosperity and abundance
     - Health and vitality
     - Love and friendship
     - Joy and serenity
     - Wisdom and knowledge

What could be more practical than that? And just what does "practical" mean?

To me, "practical" refers to that which we can take with us when we make our transition back to spirit. Money, possessions, and a host of other so-called practical pursuits are nice but only temporary -- we don't get to take them with us. What we do get to take with us is what we've learned in this lifetime.

We learn from our experiences, and as a result, we can evolve spiritually before returning to the place we came from.

That, in a single sentence, is what life is all about. That's why we came here. What could be more practical -- or more simple or more important -- than that?

We who choose to lead a spiritual lifestyle, whether individually or in groups, are the lucky ones. We get to learn the greatest secrets to life, while the rest of humanity continues to wallow in ignorance and confusion.


  1. Congratulation Roy, sharing wisdom is the same as to receive wisdom with it comes happiness and joy.

  2. Congratulation Roy to your blogger site. I feel this can get a very interesting place for personal transformation. The words joyful, happyness, successful etc. are a little bit problematic for me as they are always personal statements. Everything is at it is and you decide how to feel (consciously or unconsciously) about it.
    Everything in the universe is energy in different densities and there are different universes. We are living right now in the 3rd dimension with our most dense part of energy of our being (the body). And of course only experiences can transform our energyfield (spiritual growth) and brings us finally there from where we are coming (the source).

  3. Great changes Roy...!

    The site looks good and the
    energies in your home just keep
    getting better.

    Thanks for all you and your dear wife give to each of us. We - Panama City's spiritual seekers - are graced by your family, what
    blessings you have provided!!

    With light and love...